Paint Brush Guide From Painting Contractors

Painting contractors in White Settlement TX understand how frustrating it can be to be in a store looking at the different type of paint brushes and not knowing which one will best suit your needs. You should understand the different parts of a paint brush, the different handle styles, and the differences in the type of bristles that are used. The more you are able to learn about painting the better off you are. This will allow you to buy your paint brushes or to know what to look for every painting project that you might have.

The first thing that painting contractors in White Settlement TX should know about paint brushes is the parts of your standard paint brush. At the bottom of the paint brush is the bristles. The bristles are generally held together by epoxy. The next part of the paint brush is called the ferrule which is the metal piece of the paint brush. There is a piece called a plug which basically is a wooden or even a cardboard piece in the bristles that at times will act as a divider and will create a reservoir for liquid. This piece on the paint brush is used to properly hold the bristles correctly in the ferrule. The next part that you should be aware of would be the handle. The handle is where you hold the paint brush. When you buy a paint brush it should be in a keeper which is basically a wrapping that allows the bristles to keep their shape.

Painting contractors in White Settlement TX know that there are three basic handles that you should be aware of. The first type of handle is known as the beaver tail short handle. This type of handle is about two inches long. This handle is designed to allow you to maneuver in narrow and tight places. The next type of handle that you should be aware of would be the beaver tail handle. This type of handle is about four inches long this type is designed to provide a good firm grip. The last type of paint brush handle is known as a sash handle. This sash handle is about six and a half inches long. This handle has better control and allows you to turn easier. For those that might feel that they are in over their heads you might want to look into hiring a professional painter to help you with your painting needs.

Painting contractors recommend that you should know about the different types of bristles for paint brushes that are out there. The bristle selection comes in a number of different materials and shapes. The Natural bristle is best when you are using a petroleum based product. Synthetic bristles work best when you are using a water based product. Flagging is where they condition the ends of paint brushes. Knowing what you plan on doing with the brush is where you should start and when you figure out what you are doing you should be able to find the brush or brushes that will help you to get the best results from your paint brush.