Ceiling Painting Tips By Professional House Painters Supreme Painting

Depending on the type of ceiling that you have it can be a long, tedious, and tricky project to undertake on your own. This is why some house painters in Flower Mound TX have put together some tips to help you best way is to paint your ceiling. Like any other project that you take on in your home you will want to make sure that you have all the materials and tools that you are going to need to finish the task. You will also want to consider the color that you are going to use for your ceiling. There are some out there that want the ceiling to be the same color as their walls, there are some out there that want their ceiling to be white no matter what color their walls are, and there are some that want their ceiling to be a completely different color than their walls but still want it to match their walls to bring the room together. You will need to determine which approach will best work for you and find the color that you will want to use.

House painters in Flower Mound TX know that the first step in any painting project is to make sure that you have everything that you are going to need to finish the project. You will first need to determine if there are any repairs that need to be done to the ceiling prior to interior painting. If there are holes to patch or anything o that nature that will need to be taken care of prior to being able to paint you will also want to make sure that you sand down any patch areas that you have to get a more smooth surface. You will also want to make sure that you have washed the ceiling before you start painting and that it is completely dry to avoid problems later on. Once that has been completed you will need the paint of your choosing, primer, painter’s tape, paint roller, paint roller extensions, paintbrush, drop cloth, paint tray, and a ladder. To find out how much paint and primer you will need you will need to multiply the length of the ceiling by the width of the ceiling and this should give you the area of the ceiling. You will want to take the number that you reached and divide it by 350. This will tell you how many gallons you will need per coat. If you plan on doing more than one coat you would then multiply the number you just got by the number of coats that you want to do. If you are painting on drywall you will need more paint because unpainted drywall tends to suck up paint. You would use the same math to calculate the amount of primer that you will need. If you are dealing with a textured ceiling you will want to make sure that you find a thick nap roller. This roller will ensure that you get all the coverage that you need. The thicker nap will allow the paint to get into all of the irregularities and bumps that might be in the ceiling. For those out there that have a flat ceiling you should be able to use a shorter nap roller or a smooth roller.

The next step that you should take according to house painters in Flower Mound TX is to prep the room. You will want to try to remove all the furniture that you have in the room. You should at least remove anything you possibly can. You will then put down drop clothes or newspaper to protect the floor from any paint that might fall. You will want to cover any furniture that is not able to be moved out of the room. Generally it is recommended that you use a canvas drop cloth for a few reasons such as they do not stick to your feet like plastic and newspapers do and you are able to use them over and over again. You will then want to take the painters tape and tape around items such as trim areas of the actual wall that touch the ceiling. You will also want to take the paint tray and fill up the deeper end of the paint tray with primer. You will then use a paint brush and make a line of paint all around the room on the ceiling. You will be able to use the roller after this is done. You want to use the paint brush to ensure that you do not accidentally get paint on the walls and should give you more control than a roller would. While this line is still wet you will want to prime the rest of the room with the roller. You will need to make sure that the primer is completely dry before starting on your first coat of paint. You will use the same steps to paint the ceiling in the room. You will also use these steps for any additional coats that you will use.

If you find that you do not have the time or skill to complete this type of task you might want to hire a house painter in Flower Mound TX to do the job for you. They generally are less expensive than many people think and you can get a quality paint job done right the first time. This will reduce the cost of extra paint that you might need for any errors you have and will ensure that you do not run out of paint in the middle of the painting job. For those with textured ceiling this will allow you to know that your textured ceilings will be painted right. Hiring a painting company will also allow you to be able to save a lot of time. You should still be able to stay within a budget and most likely get the job done faster than the average person painting themselves can do.